Friday, September 28, 2007

Feminists For Life: Not An Oxymoron!

Recently, I have been asked about the link on my side bar: Feminists For Life. To clarify, it's not Feminist For Life as in "I will be a feminist for my entire life," but feminists taking a stand for life, namely unborn life. It is a feminist pro-life organization (no, that's not an oxymoron) that engage in creative and practical endeavors to bridge the gap of injustice between struggling women and the sanctity of unborn life.

The Feminist For Life website seeks to reclaim the old-time feminism of being pro-woman without being anti-men or anti-family. They seek the reemergence of a feminism that sought after equality and justice for women in the work place, the home, and society without emasculating men, without shunning femininity, or without demeaning family life. Feminists For Life keep tabs on the latest pro-life gains and provides information about charity organizations and emotional, financial, and educational resources for women experiencing unplanned pregnancy to give them a REAL options that don't include taking the life of their unborn child. They aim to get ALL the information to women about the physical and psychological effects and risks of abortion. They reach out to college campuses across the country. I admire this organization because they have broadened the pro-life movement beyond just lobbying Washington and protesting abortion clinics. They are meeting the needs of desperate women, arming them with the truth coupled with support, fighting for job security, equal pay, adequate housing, health care, educational opportunities and other vital resources to equip women to successfully raise their children and lead full lives.

The Feminists For Life website also tells the story of early feminists like Alice Paul, Elizabeth Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony, all of whom led movements for women's suffrage and other women's rights and were also adamantly pro-life. The site is a helpful reminder of the true roots of feminism and a fantastic resource for getting involved in the new pro-life movement.

"When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit."--Elizabeth Stanton, founder of The Women's Movement, 1873.


Tilly Hester said...

It's about TIME! For too long has the pro-choice camp claimed feminism for their selves and their selves alone. Thank you for introducing me to Feminists For Life.

tana m. said...

Alright, I am going to suppress my urge to express my brewing knee-jerk reaction and actually read through the feminists for life site before I burst out with my diatribe on the evils of feminism in all its forms, both overt and subtle aspects. I have a strong repugnance to feminism and believe it's the root of our decaying society. But I will give it an honest look...

Peter said...

Uhoh, now I have to suppress my own knee-jerk reaction. Ahh..but what fun would that be? So, feminism is the "ROOT" of our decaying society. One, I don't think feminism, in and of itself, is evil. However, any ideology or movement can be taken to extremes, abused, manipulated, and perverted to accomplish evil. But even if there was something inherently "evil" about feminism, at worst it would be a syptom of a deeper "evil," not the ROOT cause. Societal breakdown is far too complex to be pinned on one group.

BgArt said...

Good post.

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