Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hello Blogosphere. I am starting this blog to provide another venue for my newspaper articles, passionate convictions (A.K.A. pushy opinions), articles I find interesting, and other writings. Perhaps, I will comment on the happenings of my everyday life. I am 24 years old, and this June, I will be married six years to the love of my life, William. I've known Jesus for over 12 years now. He keeps showing me that He is bigger than anything I could ever imagine and that He'll always break out of whatever box I am trying to confine Him in.

Currently, I'm finishing up my second year of college, and I have loved every second of it. I've acquired an eclectic taste in music because music is revolutionary. I am convinced that music possesses the power to stir the soul, revealing all that is there and all that is not.

Recently, I have dedicated myself to reading books that convey perspectives that contradict or challenge my own. Honestly listening to and evaluating someone else's viewpoint, instead of immediately dismissing or demonizing any idea that contradicts your own, has sadly become an abandoned notion in the political, religious, and social arenas. This polarization breeds stubborn, narrowly- informed idealogues, reciting shallow platitudes and propaganda from their very small corners of the world. So, I have decided to break out of that mold on all fronts and investigate information on all sides. I found that not only did I need to reevaluate some of my thoughts on grey areas and take hard truths from unlikely sources, but I strengthened my unmovable foundational beliefs by investigating the criticisms about them. It stretched and deepened my beliefs about God, Christianity, politics, and on and on. So, this is the journey I am endeavoring on at the moment.

Whoever you are, those that have purposely or mistakenly stumbled upon this blog, enjoy and feel free give feedback!

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Thank you for your honesty.