Friday, April 27, 2007

The Remnant

In this concrete-clad forest
A carved tree trunk traps
The last remnant

The Autumn Reaper kisses
Frail widow branches
Sending their amber spouses
To open emerald graves
At last, the bare bark is clothed
By the looming shadow of a skyscraper

Autumn leaves and aluminum cans
Crunch beneath my fleeing feet
Before splashing into the cement river,
Whose current drags me home


WilliamLecorchick said...

I think I can read better when the backgound is dark and the letters are light. I know I've read that before but it made little sense to me. Maybe because of your concentration camp forced reading I become disinterested. But reading it again, I realy liked it. Awesome symbolism

Annabelle said...

This is a wonderfully constructed poem with beautiful imagery. As a city girl, the part about "splashing into the cemenet river, whose current drags me home" completely resonates me.