Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yup. That's Me!

The Pied Piper. Without the retro 80's stockings or superhero cape, of course (Although, if it were socially acceptable, make no mistake, I would totally rock a cape). Anyway, hopelessly, irreversibly, that's me. I may not prance around random villages playing a hypnotic tune on a flute that mystifies rodents, but still, I assure you, I am the reincarnated Pied Piper. However, instead of rodents following me, it's canines. I love 'em. Always have, always will. That's how I acquired nine of them (10 if you count the neighborhood dog that spends most of the time at my house). Some, we adopted and others, well, adopted us. It seems every few weeks a canine in distress crosses my path and the Good Samaritan in me will not allow me to pass idly by (convictions are a pain in the arse sometimes). Something in my soul must call out to them because they know who I am and how to find me. They appear by my side at movie theaters, parks, parking lots, in the middle of the road, or even right at my door step! They know I can't turn them away. They know I must take them in or find them a decent home. Which brings us to this morning.

Actually ready and on time for church, I'm driving down Rt. 123 when the car in front of me slams on its breaks to avoid crushing the smallest dog I've ever seen. It was in the middle of the road, trying to eat whatever food residue was left inside of a paper cup. The car just barely missed the poor thing as it scurried to the side of the road. I knew if I kept going that it was only a matter of time before the little tyke got hit. If it was my dog, I would want someone to stop and bring him/her home (that whole "do unto others" thing can also be a drag). Whimpering and shaking, this tiny pup cowered as I approached. Once I calmed him down, he nuzzled himself in my arms and we set off to find his owner. Unfortunately, no one on the street claimed him. So, the little dude is here in my lap probably coming to the realization that he hit the dogie jack pot the moment this sucker picked him up!

Although I'm complaining right now, I find great joy in saving animals, especially dogs, from a tragic fate that comes from them living among our technological, industrialized world. Honestly, (and I know only true and somewhat crazy animal lovers like myself will understand this) there exists something profoundly satisfying in the silent connection between humans and dogs. Maybe it's their innocence and unyielding trust to place their welfare in our hands. Maybe it's the loyalty, the love dogs are able to give without judgment or hesitance. Whatever it is, the unspoken communication that occurs cannot be explained or duplicated, and in my life, it has truly been one of God's most treasured and personal gifts to me.

But besides, look at this face, could you have left this little guy on the road?


catrina said...

I honestly don't know how this kind of stuff can happen to the same person so often. I'm just thankful it was you and not me

Brandy said...

Look at that face. I couldn't leave him either