Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Recreating The Big Bang

I do not pretend to be a science buff in the least, but I have to comment on this article about a group of scientists trying to recreate the Big Bang on a smaller scale. Their goal is to produce an explosion from which the same kind of matter that can spur on diverse life forms will emerge. The whole point to this experiment is to travel a step closer to solving how the universe and life came into existence. What cracks me up about this massive endeavor is just the fact that the scientists have to CREATE the big bang inorder for it to occur. The scientist have to manufacture and manipulate the elements to set the Big Bang into motion. I wonder when it will dawn on one of them that by supposedly reproducing the Big Bang, they are re-enforcing the belief that an Intelligent Being has to be involved in the creation of the universe and the origin of life. The scientists' small-scale big bang cannot occur without their design plans, inventions, time, thought, money, and will, so wouldn't the same be true for the "real Big Bang?" They are essentially playing God and only further proving that a Superior Creator had to design, control, and implement the CREATION of the universe. It's just hysterical to me because their goal is the opposite, to prove that the Big Bang occured "naturally," on its own without the help of an Intelligent Being, yet their own experiment could never happen without "intelligent beings" driving it.....Oh, the Irony!


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hahahahahaha! too true.

4 BILLION dollars. Can you imagine all the other (more thought out) things that could have been done with that money?