Thursday, June 28, 2007

Evan Almighty Review

Last night Will, Maura, and myself went to see Evan Almighty. To be honest, I was kind of predisposed to dislike the movie, because it's predecessor, Bruce Almighty, was hysterical and Jim Carrey played Bruce. As a rule of thumb, I usually despise movies that try to produce a sequel without the original character in it, especially when that original character is JIM CARREY (hence my epic boycott of Dumb and Dumberer).

However, I truly loved this movie. I thought it was WAY better than Bruce Almighty. It was extraordinarily clean: no sex, nudity, violence, or cursing (except one mention of the animal: "jackass"). Most importantly, considering the biblical undercurrents of the story, this movie is a COMEDY, not a MOCKERY--that's a vital distinction. While slapstick, wild animal antics, and embarrassing situations were rife, the movie did not mock God, The Bible, Christians, belief in miracles, divine intervention, faith etc. etc. The movie actually portrays God has all-knowing, wise, loving, and His authority as sovereign and deserved. Man's rebellion against God is portrayed as futile and unwise, to say the least.

For those with concerns, (there are some reviews out there that claim this movie is blasphemous because God promised to never flood the earth again and there is nothing comical about vast amounts of people being destroyed in God's wrath). Based on those objections, I would bet those individuals haven't bothered to actually watch the film. I hate when people ruin movies, so I will refrain from doing that. But to ease any concerns, I will outline the general premise.

THIS MOVIE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THE ACTUAL STORY OF NOAH. It is a modern day FICTIONAL tale about a REGIONAL flood, not a worldwide flood. God {played by the loveable Morgan Freeman} calls upon a self-obsessed congressman who wants to change the world named Evan Baxter and commands him to build an ark to save the region.

Beneath the silliness exists some tender, wonderfully beautiful moments that capture the essence of family unity, sacrifice, obedience (even when it makes you look crazy), mercy, justice and God's superior wisdom, authority, and discipline motivated by His LOVE for mankind. Needless to say, Maura and I cried like the sentimental saps that we are. Obviously, I wouldn't look to a Hollywood comedy for perfect theology, but I found the message inspiring.

Anyway, I recommend it. I think kids and adults alike will enjoy this movie and possibly engage in meaningful dialogue as a result.


The TruthInAtor said...

I read your comment today on the christian issues forum challenging the blasphemy charge against Evan Almighty. You can try to rationalize "comedy" as something other than straight out mockery of God's word, but you will pay a heavy price for edorsing it and leading other to do the same. There is no biblical evidence of God appearing to us a man, He is Spirit, and those who desire to know Him must worship him in spirit and truth. God DID make us a sacred promise not to flood the earth, the "regional" excuse is just a thinly veiled hypocrisy. The whole thing is saturated with contradictions, inaccuracies, and manipulations to make "God" out to be a wimpy hollywood moral relativist.

Tia Lynn said...

OK, I know sometimes I have it coming because I openly question controversial matters that are supposedly "settled," but really, my post on Evan Almighty, a kids movie, is the post that's gonna do me in? This is the post that will make me pay? (dun dun dun!)

You said: "There is no biblical evidence of God appearing to us a man"

All I have to say to that is: Jesus, who came in the flesh, is sure going to be pissed at you.

And, oh yeah, the movie is FICTIONAL-NOT BASED ON REALITY OR TRYING TO PASS ITSTELF OFF AS REALITY. It's sort of a slapstick parable trying to teach a moral. I seem to remember Someone else who appreciated the occassional parable from time to time.

"Truthinator" I'm glad you are finding success with your mission to destroy the truth, but when you are finished, do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment to remove that stick lodged in your rear.

maura said...

Who knew this sweet and faith inspiring movie could bring the dogmatic and legalistic out of the woodwork. "Truthinator",you obviously didn't bother to see the movie before you decided to spew your "opinions" into cyber-world, because your comment reflected a prejudice that is not based on the storyline.
I am personally very sensitive about how God ,the Father,the Bible and Jesus are portrayed in the media, and I am outspoken if He is mocked or misrepresented in any way. Do yourself a favor and before you make yourself look ignorant, see something before you critcize it.
Evan Almighty could easily be a very effective evangelical tool to non-believers. Don't bash something you know nothing about.
Your comments say more about you,and the condition of your heart than it does about this movie.

Heather M. said...

I am so glad I am not the only person in the world to shed a tear during Evan Almighty. The scene with lauren graham and morgan freeman in restaurant talking about prayer and family closeness broke me! It's nice to know I wasn't alone. :)

Sean said...

I'm a Christian and found Evan Almighty to be thoroughly funny, thought-provoking, and respectful of God. I read a lot of christian reviews that spewed some of the same nonsense as truthinator. Ofcourse, none of the writers bothered to see the movie or to read the outline of its premise before making such outlandish judgments. Christians complain how they are always treated poorly in the media-that they are stereotyped, made to look stupid, foolish, naive, and extreme. We cry and cry about how there isn't enough family-friendly entertainment or movies that give any thoughtful acknowledgement of God and His people. Then a movie like Evan Almighty comes along that portrays God as Supreme and those who obey him as blessed and the same Christians who cried for precisely that are up in arms about it. People like that will whine no matter. And they wonder why people don't take them seriously. NEWS-FLASH-they can't pin the foolish perception on their belief in Christ in this case.

Harrison ^^ said...

Hi Tia, I hoped you liked the movie as much as I did!

Rebecca said...

Great movie, way better than I expected.

April said...

Wow, Tia... I found you via Tonya's blog and have spent FAR too long perusing your blog. You are one cool chica! I love that your faith is so visible and real and obviously incredibly thoughtful. This post is a great example. Well -- so are all the other posts, too, I guess. Thanks so much. I'll be back.

Tia Lynn said...

Thanks for reading April!

Suzanne said...

Ok Tia you can totally write...After reading your review I was laughing because the Jim Carrey comments are so you and wanting to go out and see it like now....Great review!

Tia Lynn said...

Oh thanks Suzanne! You of all people would remember my "admiration" (really obsession) with Jim Carrey! :)

Anonymous said...

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