Friday, June 15, 2007

A Glimpse of Heaven

Today, I covered the best story ever! I went to the Amicalola Deer Park for a tour, so I could take some pictures and write a preview for their upcoming fundraiser/grand opening next weekend. It's 30 fenced acres devoted to "housing" rescued animals, primarily deer. They have 84 deer, 37 goats and sheep, fesants, pigs, llamas, horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, aguanas, guinea pigs, and a few herding dogs. This non-profit organization takes in all kinds of neglected and abused animals and gives them a safe place to live. I'll tell you what, if this whole journalism/writer thing does not work out, I'm going to live there!

The best thing about the rescue facility is that since the animals they take in are not carnivores and they obtain most of the animals while they are still babies, all the animals coexist among each other. They are not segregated. It's so funny to watch them eat together: horses, deer, pigs, and fesants. It's hysterical when they chase each other. I got to hold a baby deer that nibbled on my chin and then promptly pooped on me--but I loved every second of it.

How the wild-life can develop relationships and trust with humans astounds me. I know most people just chalk it up to "domestication," but I really believe there is something spiritual in the bonds that can be cultivated between humans and animals. It's a beautiful thing.

If anyone is interested in donating time (they need volunteers to help build barns and such) or money just go to:

Next weekend, there will be a grand opening event, where there will be music, crafts, kid activities, and of course animals. It's going to be so fun. If anyone is interested in going with Will and me, let me know.


Stephanie said...

How Cute******* I'm definitely going to be there! That band I was telling you about will be play there too.

William said...

I'm surprised you didn't try to kidnap one of them goats!

Amanda said...

I WANT THAT BABY GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)