Sunday, September 23, 2007


I don't have children like most of my other blogging buddies and many of their posts are pictures of the fun things they do with their little darlings. My life is very different-instead of homeschooling, cooking, and chasing after kids, I work and go to school. Unfortunately, those activities don't make for cute pictures. But I do have dogs that I cherish. Some would say TOO many dogs, and they are probably right. But I completely love my dogs and enjoy the time I spend with them. Anyway, here are some recent photos of some funny moments with the pups.

The Ambiguously Gay DUO!
(SNL fans know what I mean...and it's a joke, so everyone just unclench)

Sam (white and red guy) and Scrappy (lil brown guy) are our two inside dogs and are the best of friends. They do EVERYTHING, sleep, wrestle, etc. etc.

Luna (black and white girl) and Caspian (tawny guy) are the dogs we've had since Will and I have been married. If you want to get technical, Caspian is a bastard, cause we had him out of wedlock! :) Aravis (the black girl) we got from a shelter when we moved down here.
Luna, as you can see, is OBSESSED with playing ball.

Above, are Roonwit (lil tawny guy) and Aravis (the black girl). They are, well, sort of "married." They are ALWAYS together...playing, running, wrestling, and know. They are surprisingly monogamous for canines. It's kind of sweet and just one more reason why I am convinced that God gave dogs the ability to love. This is Cappuccino and Roonwit. Cappa is Roonwit a Aravis' lovechild :)

This Mocha. Roonwit and Aravis' other lovechild. He is one of the sweetest dogs. He used to be painfully shy and didn't really care about interacting with people. But one day he got caught up in our hammock, really bad. His back legs where tangled up SO TIGHTLY and he couldn't get out. He was yelping and Will heard him and saved the little guy. Ever since that day, Mocha became a "people dog," giving lots of hugs and nuzzles. Very CUTE!
This is Jewel (Luna's daughter) chilling with scrappy.

This is Susan (Jewel's sister). She is our smallest outside dog, yet she has the biggest mouth. :)But she is very sweet and playful.

So this is our canine clan. One of my favorite things to do is sit on my trampoline and watch the dogs play tag and run in circles around the full length of our fenced in yard. Giving such sweet creatures a safe place to reside where they can run and play as much as they want is so mysteriously satisfying. Sometimes I'm actually jealous of my dogs (and I say mine, cause they have good lives, while sadly so many others do not) They are so care-free, with no worries and without any concept of death or evil. But I digress.

Anyway this my little canine family. They're a huge part of my life, so I thought I'd share.


Angie F. said...

Hey Tia...
I am finally commenting on your blog....Thanks for sharing about your family....I love the pics!!
We love you guys!!
Your fellow Northerner

Tia Lynn said...

Yay! You've finally come out from lurking in the blogosphere shadows! haha! Love you too!