Monday, September 17, 2007

I've Been Kissed!

"The Church is the Light of the World, and like all lights, it attracts bugs. You're a bug, I'm a bug, we're all bugs!"--Tony Campolo answering the accusation of hypocrites in the Church.

Ahh...yes. Not only did my dream of meeting, talking with, and thanking Tony Campolo come true on Monday, but I also got a big bear hug and a kiss on the cheek out of it! (I know, you're all jealous!) Will and I trekked down to Alpharetta and had the best time together. Tony Campolo spoke at Birmingham United Methodist Church (really great church with an exceptionally welcoming congregation). I cried through most of the service, even though I have heard most of the stories and illustrations that Tony Campolo shared. He speaks so passionately, that I could not help but be moved. After the service, we got to talk with Tony Campolo, and being that I rehearsed what I wanted to say, I didn't babble like a complete idiot. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to express gratitude to a person who has impacted your life.

The message was primarily about his new book, "The God of Intimacy and Action" and the meaning of John 14. He spoke much about the different types and methods of prayer, yes there are more ways to pray than asking God to fulfill our Christmas lists. :) Anyway, the central theme to his message was bringing life to the world, not through power, but through sacrificial love. He then went out to recount the actions of Jesus, who never used His power for Himself or to coerce others, but won people through sacrificial love.

He then went out to discuss the Church's role in fighting for justice on the micro and macro levels and the correlation between love and justice. "Justice is love translated into social policy," said Campolo, which I thought was a fascinating way of looking at justice.

I am happy that Will and I got to share this experience together and hopefully we'll be able to work towards social justice, too.

If anyone would like to listen to Tony Campolo messages for free, right from their computer, you can visit the link below:
My personal favorite is "The Church: God's Instrument For Changing the World"


Steph said...

ha! you're a nut, but that's why I love ya.

Tom B. said...

I saw Tony Campolo in NYC one year. I know he gets a lot of flack for someone of his statements, but he is so refreshing and dedicated to the message of service that Christ was all about. Glad your dream came true.

andy said...

i like the fact TC is now too old to really worry about what people think of him!! i would listen to him rant all day :)

BTW thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Tia Lynn said...

Hey Andy, Tony Campolo will be in Australia next week...I don't know how close to you he will be, but if you click on the link i have to his site on my side bar, you can check his itinerary. :)