Monday, November 26, 2007

Postponed Thankfulness

I haven't been in a "bloggy" mood as of late. I've been dealing with some personal issues, finishing up term papers for school and picking up extra shifts at work in preparation for the holidays. But I did want to give thanks for the myriad of spectacular gifts in my life. So here is the abridged list of the people, things, and situations I am grateful for.

1. A God who is patient, kind, slow to anger, and who embraces doubtful honesty over pretend certainty.

2. My husband, without whom, I would be lying in a ditch somewhere. :) He is the love of my life, who was well worth the wait (13 friggin years!) and who is worth the time, energy, and *fight* it takes to be in a marriage that grows its members closer to each other and God. I love you now and forever!

3. My mother and grandmother. They are my heroes. They sacrificed SO much and did their best in very difficult situations.

4. Good friends.. (you know who you are) I've been really fortunate to form lifelong friendships with unique individuals that stand by me through thick and thin and challenge me to be better.

5. My puppums. They are an entirely different *breed* of companionship, without which, my life would be less fulfilled.

6. Good music. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has challenged me to THINK, QUESTION, and ACT, as well as inspired me to hope, love, understand, and create like the art and language of music. Music possesses the unique ability to stir the soul, exposing all that is there and all that is not.

7. I am thankful for the many mentors over the years that have challenged me to go "farther up and further in" (Chronicles of Narnia fans understand what that means): Uncle Mark, Dante, C.S. Lewis, Tony Campolo, Jim Wallis, Henri Nouwen, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., etc.

The list could go on forever of all, but since 7 is the number of completion, I'll stop there! And thanks to all the people who come by to visit my crazy blog!


Terry said...

It's never too late to be thankful! And thanks again for stopping by my little corner of the web.

Tia Lynn said...

anytime sister. I like soapboxes. :)