Friday, February 22, 2008

Nothing From Me

I have been sick the last week and curled up on my couch for the most part. It's also been a trying time for my family back in New Jersey, to put it mildly. Living so far away has left me feeling a bit helpless. As a result, blogging hasn't exactly been a top priority. So, until I bounce back (which should be soon), I thought I'd bite off the talent of my fellow bloggers. :)

Here are some posts that struck a chord with me. Enjoy! Discuss!

Julie Clawson over at Onehandclapping has a great series going on right now on the validity of intellectualism in the life of Christian faith. Some good stuff.

The basic flaw in the argument, in my opinion, is the assumption that people can’t worship or connect with God through books, discussion, and theology. Those things apparently teach one about God, but only prayer, contemplation, and worship can help one actually get to know God. This is an argument that I’ve heard many times before and one I strongly disagree with. I do connect to God through things like books and theology and I find things like singing and contemplation forced and hollow. I’ve been told my whole life that the only real way to connect with God is through those acts and that there must be something wrong with me if it wasn’t working for me. And when I did draw closer to God through intellectual pursuits I was informed that I wasn’t really engaged in worship or true relationship. It all served to make me feel rather inadequate as a Christian. But those assumptions just aren’t true. My experience and the experiences of others I know demonstrate that intellectual paths are just as meaningful and valid ways of relating to God as the more emotional and mystical.

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Wilsford over at TreeReach wrote up an excellent AND pithy piece on the subject of judgmental responses to sin and compassionate responses to sin.

To put away judgmentalism is to practice grace. It's the recognition that if you experienced your neighbor's situation as they experience it, that you, too, might sin as they sin. In terms of your religious practice, grace doesn't change the terms of sin. It does change, however, your response to sin. And isn't that what love is supposed to be about?

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musicmommy3 said...

Sooooo Sorry that you're not feeling well. :)

I was wondering where you were.

I hope that you are back to normal soon.

Or, as "normal" as you ever are.

(wicked little grin) heehee!!

Terry said...

Feel better soon, Tia!

catrina said...

Oh yuck, you probably picked it up from my house because the day after homegroup Nate relapsed. Sorry! Happy b-day to you.

Love ya,