Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prince Caspian

You come of the Lord Adam and Lady Eve. That is both honor enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar and shame enough to bow the shoulders the greatest emperor on earth. Be content.”--Aslan, In Prince Caspian, the book.

We saw Prince Caspain this weekend. I must say, I went into it with zero expectations. While I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, I quickly realized that movies NEVER live up to the books. So, this time around, I hardly thought about it and told myself it would be mediocre and just to appreciate the fact that this would the best visual experience of Narnia. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought this movie was MUCH better than the first one. I cried from start to finish, (as I did with the first one, because any moment that brings to life scenes from the books release all sorts of repressed emotions for me).

The four children return to Narnia, a year after their departure, under very different circumstances. It's 1300 years later in Narnia and a vicious human kingdom has come to power, while Narnians live in hiding. Peter is bitter and disillusioned from having grown into a man during his last trip to Narnia and then returning to his world as boy, to go from being treated as an adult king to an ordinary boy again. It's a hard pill to swallow. This development added a realism and deeper layer to his character. It also set the stage for the trials he would soon face in Narnia. A guarded-Susan distances herself from the Narnian experience, for fear of it ending like the last time. A softer Edmund shows wisdom, having learned his lesson from their last trip. And Lucy is still full of faith and hope.

There were a few scenes I wished the filmmakers hadn't tinkered with. There are such great lines in the original that did not need to be altered. They also cut some scenes I would liked to have seen. As usual, I wish Aslan was in it more. Prince Caspian's accent was annoying and there was some unnecessary "cheese" near the end. But overall, I LOVED it. It was rich with symbolism that spoke volumes. It captured the struggle between faith and doubt, peace and war, courage and revenge. I'm sure I'll see it again.


Michelle said...

Tia, as a fellow Narnia fan (big time!) our whole family, 7 of us, went to see it Sunday while here at the beach. I enjoyed it as did the kids. I wished they'd included the part where they all have to follow Aslan even though they can't see him, and then eventually they CAN see him... and like you, some other things of course, but no movie will ever be as good as a book.

I wish you could have heard my kids when they realized the mysterious attacker was REEPICHEEP! Their favorite character of all!!! Sarah was disappointed that the Bulgy Bear was not sucking his paw. :)

Tia Lynn said...

I know! So much I wish they would have included, but it was good for what it was. :)

Tonya said...

Well, I must admit that I still have zero expectations because Caspian just doesn't look like he is supposed to. He should be young and blonde headed. Maybe I'll get over it when I actually see the movie, but Caspian has been in my mind a certain way for 30 years now and it is just too hard to see him as a 25 year old.

I'm sure I'll enjoy the movie anyway just because it's Narnia.

Angie F. said...

Hey Tia....
I must be in a commenting mood today....I left one over at Tonya's too!!
Anyways, we went Friday night right before you....We saw you pulling in....hahahaha!!
I loved the movie....and you know I never read the whole book....just the beginning and the end....hahaha!!
But I thought the first one had more spiritual connections then this one....Paige felt like they left too much out....and this is her fav Narnia book.....
Oh, I like you HATED the Antonio Banderas accent!!!!!
See ya Wednesday!!

April said...

I've just gotten back, and must admit, I'm disappointed. Of course, I made the mistake of refreshing my memory with the absolutely AMAZING and WONDROUS Focus on the Family Radio Theater cd's of it. They are incredible and the movie... was not, I thought.

I'm going to blog about it tonight, but I'll say, some of the things you liked -- the disillusionment of the High King, for example, was a little disturbing to me.

And I, too, REALLY missed Aslan. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tia! I was so mad that you didn't come to see it again with your 3rd wheel hubby last night!! Me and Steve could have at least made out during the slow parts... anyway you probably would have been annoyed with me. Whenever Caspian started talking I was like saying to Steve,"More Coke, Amiga? Would you like a Cheese Quesidilla with that?"(who knew Prince Caspian was from Mexico)I liked the tree part and the water part.

Tia Lynn said...

Oh I know. That accent just about killed me. I still loved the movie, but the accent and the unnecessary cheese near the end was so lame. :)