Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Not Dead

I just wanted to check in while I have a second. It's been so long since I last posted. I have like 8 or 9 fragmented, unfinished posts and another 20 floating around in my head. However, since I started my reporter internship (which I love BTW), I have had zero time to really work on any of them. I work six days a week, long hours, and all my free time has been spent with the hubby and the Finnabagos (you know who you are!).

This weekend my hubby and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and his birthday. He's 31! Yikes! In another couple of years I'll have to trade him in for a newer model. :) Will 2.0 or something.

But I am just so proud of us for making it this far. We had a rough year last year:

But we persevered and really worked it out, not just swept it under the carpet or fixed the superficial symptoms of deeper issues. We went right down to the root. Now, we are in a better place than we have ever been. Seven years is a major milestone to me, so I just want to say that even though I got married very young and made A LOT of mistakes along the way, I would not trade one minute of it for the entire world. My husband is my life, my other half, and I've been so fortunate to spend my life with him. OK, that's as sentimental as I am going to get on blogworld. :)

I will try to update this blog more often. Once my internship ends July 25, things should be back on track!


Terry said...

Happy Anniversary!

donnav said...


Carlos said...


Congrats on surviving the 7 year itch..

This August, Leigh and I will be celebrating 38 yrs.. it seems like it was only yesterday and we're still 20...:-)

Hang in there on yor internship....


Michelle said...

congratulations! nice to hear from you again :)

Tia Lynn said...

haha carlos. We're just starting our seventh year! So the itch may yet be to come, but I doubt it. I don't think anyone else could put up with either of us! :)

Thanks everybody!

Ashley Dumas said...

Hi Tia,

Congratulations on 7 years!


Tracey, In Word Adorning said...

Bless you both for making 7 years. I just chronicled our journey down to the root as you say, but thankfully we are in the tree tops now. It took us 20 years to get here. If you've dug down to the root this early I'd say you all are off to a good start.