Monday, May 21, 2007

Mother's Day Photos

Even though the circumstances leading up to me unexpectedly going back to NJ for a week were sad (my great-unlce passed away), I was so happy to be home to see my family on Mother's Day. The dynamic of my family, though some would label "dysfunctional," is something I cherish. The connection, love, and HUMOR cannot be duplicated. It was great to spend time with my mom, stepdad, grandma, and sisters. Although my trip did require a reluctant visit to "dysfunction junction" (my biological father's pad to see my siblings), the time spent with my sister Olivia was really fun, she helped me pic out my first pair of earrings! Jimbo encounters are never good and I'm pretty sure they will all culminate into a future therapy session one day.

Anyhow, here are some photos from Mother's Day

This is me and my Mommy.
From the left: My cousin Ashley, My sister Mayo (Christina), My aunt Laura, Me, My sister Angela, and My Mommy.
From the left: My cousin Ashley, My grandma, Me, Angela, My aunt Laura, Mayo, My Mommy, and my sister Sarah Rose.
My Grandma, Angela, Uncle Michael, and Uncle Mark watching their science experiemnt fly away (a bunch of helium balloons tied to a bag of cookies), hopefully landing to some hungry people craving chocolate chip minis! (There might have been some beers consumed while dreaming up that plan up!)


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your Uncle. Are you doing okay? I am really glad that you were able to visit your Mom and on Mothers Day, forget about a gift,she got the perfect gift. By the way for someone who does not like pictures you look really good:)

William said...

The last picture should have the caption, "Chrithtinahhh!"