Monday, May 28, 2007

Tag! I'm it!

I’ve been tagged, so I have to share 8 random facts/stories about myself.

1. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was twenty years old—pathetic, I know. Will had to teach me and I was the worse student in the world. My pride was hurting since I was a grown person and couldn’t master riding a bike. The whole experience culminated into me throwing a temper tantrum and boycotting the lesson by sitting on the side of the bike trail....OY!

2. I was basically an only child until I was sixteen, now I have six sisters and one brother!

3. Until I was ten, I thought babies where born through the belly button and not the Va-JAY-JAY.

4. I have an unnatural abhorrence of KETCHUP. I despise it. If I could wipe one substance off of the planet, I would choose ketchup.

5. The silent companionship of my dogs comforts me more than the best efforts of my dear friends.

6. One year at a family gathering when I was a kid, some people in my family were watching Ghost. There is an infamous “love scene” between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore that begins with them molding a very phallic piece of pottery. My mom tried to get me out of the room, and being the stubborn child I was, I refused to go and promptly began throwing a fit. To avoid the scene, my mother told me that Patrick Swayze gets his toenail stuck in the pottery machine and it gets ripped off. Of course, I did not want to see that, so I left the room. My mother never told me that was a big fat lie, and thus I believed her until my JUNIOR YEAR in high school when a group of friends at lunch were all talking about Ghost and I said, “Oh, but how can you guys stand that part where Patrick Swayze gets his toenail ripped off in that pottery machine?!” Oh the humiliation of it all! :)

7. I love music from all genres and eras—50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90,s and now.

8. A few years ago, I felt like a spiritual misfit. When I was with evangelical Christians, I always felt like the most liberal person in the room and when I was with my non-Christian friends, I always felt like the most conservative person in the room. I couldn’t identify with the many facets of American Christianity—mainly its demands of image and narrowing agendas. I wondered if I’d ever find a place of belonging, movements to commit to, leaders whose vision and handle on Scripture resonated with me. I had almost given up completely until Bono’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast pinpointed my frustrations and my ultimate understanding of Scripture and the purpose of Christians. Shortly after, I discovered Tony Campolo, Phillip Yancey, and Jim Wallis. These great men of faith represent a voice for Christians, like me, who don’t quite fit the mold. I am truly grateful for them.


catrina said...

I can't believe you couldn't ride a bike, what in the world did you do as a kid?

Gordon said...

I can understand a city girl such as yourself not knowing how to ride a bike.....but I could never live without ketchup!!!

William said...

You foogrt to mntoien yuor mlid csae of dselyxia!