Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Best Show!

The last few months, Will and I have been watching ABC's LOST on DVD. We had heard really good things about it from some friends and wanted to watch a show that would interest us both. We were not disappointed. It's definitely one of my favorite shows ever!

Forty-eight people survive a plane crash and are stranded on an island somewhere in the South Pacific, but they come to find out, it is no ordinary island. What's sounds to be a bit of a silly Gilligan's Island theme, is really so much better. From the first moment of the very first episode, it is immediate action and intrigue, beginning with the survivors waking up to a fiery plane on a beach with mass chaos all around. LOST is in the mystery/suspense/fantasy genre with REALLY complex characters whose pasts intertwine with the present and whose storyline's intersect. They are constantly struggling with their own humanity and battling with their past identities and their chances for change. Even though some of the circumstances, twists, and storylines are far-fetched, the "reality" or "relevance" lies within the raw humanity and inner conflicts of the characters. So, the fanciful elements actually compliment the characters and what seems to be bizarre nonsense at first, eventually makes more sense and serves a meaningful purpose.

Since the cast is so large, each episode singles out a particular character and reveals part of their past and how it connects to what is occurring in the present on the island through inserting a series of flashbacks. The island itself becomes a character, shrouded in mystery and possibility. The writing tends to have dark undercurrents (not horror movie dark), but there is always MORE going on or something DIFFERENT going on than how it first appears. It keeps the viewer guessing, surprised, and invested in the characters. The cast is SO good, featuring diverse characters of different nationalities, ethnicity, and worldviews. There are Americans, Australians, English, an Iraqi, a wise-cracking smart redneck, a rock star, a pregnant girl, a Korean couple that can't speak English, and a slue of other interesting characters that all stretch far beyond these simple descriptions. The contrasting identities play off each other and help develop and change each character.

WARNING: I never like to recommend something without also telling what could be possibly offensive, so I don't have to hear about later :) There are some supernatural elements to the show, which offend some people, but it doesn't enter into the 'demonic realm' or anything. There are good, bad, and in between characters, thus these characters, even the good ones, tend to mess up, make complicated decisions, and do some bad things. There are elements of violence (although not gory), betrayal, deception, etc. But there are also elements of redemption, forgiveness, restitution, and change. In three seasons, there has only been a handful of inappropriate sexual moments. It's on ABC, so there is no nudity or actual sex happening, but there are some innuendos, suggestions, and alluding to the fact that sex has occurred. But this show is not driven by characters sleeping around or even "love stories," but there are a handful of storylines that do deal with subject of sex.

The cast is so intriguing and so complex....Here are some pics, some character you might recognize such as Matthew Fox, from Party Of Five and Dominic Monaghan, who played Pippin in Lord of the Rings

This is my absolute favorite character, Sayid! I have such a crush on him. :)

Here's the promo for season 1. I would post promos or clips from season 2 and 3, but I don't want to spoil it for people who might want to start watching! :)

This is my favorite LOST montage
WARNING: The following montage contains clips from ALL 3 Seasons of Lost, so there are a MAJOR SPOILERS. If you are planning on watching the show (Marissa Lawrence, I'm talking to YOU!), you definetely SHOULD NOT watch the following clip.

If interested in watching this show, most Blockbusters or Movie Galleries have seasons 1 and 2 available to rent. Amazon also sells them fairly cheap, especially if you buy it used.


Emily said...

LOST is the greatest show on TV! What do you think of Locke? I seem to find that people either totally LOVE him or totally DESPISE him? What's your take?

Tia Lynn said...

Locke is an engima wrapped in a riddle :) I question the decisions he makes a lot of time, but over all I think he's one of the most complex and intriguing characters on the show.

Tilly hester said...

AH! That last video gave me goosebumps! I watched it because I didn't think I'd really want to watch it, but now I REALLY want to know what's going on!

Peter said...

You're a LOST fan, too? much in common, the two of us. I'd ask you to marry me, if you weren't already taken ;)

Wes said...

The end of season three totally confused me! Although, i think that was the writers' intent. I cant belive we have to wait until FEB. to find out whats going on!!!!

Cleo said...

I love Sayid, too. Do you know if he is really from Iraq or some other middle-eastern country?

Tia Lynn said...

Oh Cleo. The actor that plays Sayid, Naveen Andrews, is ACTUALLY BRITISH. I mean, he obviously has a middle-eastern ethnicity, but he was raised in England. Hisvoice is like two octives higher with a british accent! SIGH. I love his accent in the show! :(

Jake said...

LOST is a tv show? It looks like it could be a movie. I might have to start watching that.