Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Count Down Begins

"Christianity is not called to conservatism, but to change. Jesus came into the world not to conserve the system that was, but to change the world into what it ought to be."--Tony Campolo

This Monday (Sept 17), Will and I are going down to Alpharetta to see Tony Campolo, who will be speaking at a Methodist Church. I've pretty much read every book that he has ever written and listened to his audio sermons, but this will be the first time I'll be seeing him in person since I was a kid. I'm pretty sure this will be an emotional experience for me, since God used one of His sermons to open my eyes to the teachings of Jesus at a time when I was literally on the verge of throwing in towel of my faith. And now that I have somewhat of a grasp of those teachings, all I have to do is learn how to better live them. Yikes! Anyway, if I meet Tony Campolo, I plan to thank him for being a voice for a new generation of Christians fed up with a prevalent christianity tainted by power and politics. Oh, and I'll probably be babbling, blubbering, and making a complete fool of myself :)

Anyway, if anyone of my Georgia based readers would like to go with us, all are welcome. Just let me know!


from Christy Fritz said...

have a great time... i saw him at a big youth conf. once, i can't remember where, i think colorado. unfortunately, i don't remember much of it, my friend sandi and i just skipped most of the whole week's sessions and concerts, cause i think we thought we were already to mature for the all the "youth hype". silly girls we were. :) actually, if i remember correctly there was a good looking counselor we kept running into every time we skipped.

Tilly Hester said...

I LOVE TONY CAMPOLO! It takes a lot of courage to remind the Church that the transforming SACRIFICIAL gospel must be reclaimed, a gospel that has been watered down in the pursuit for political power. Have fun!

Frank said...

Tony Campolo is a moron that needs to keep his mouth shut and his nose out of politics.

Tia Lynn said...

Frank, Oh PSSHHAAW! I don't know whether you are a Christian or not, since your comment was rather pithy-but Tony Campolo is a brother in the Lord and even if you disagree with him on certain issues, he doesn't deserve to be called a moron. He is a very intelligent preacher and sociologist that has done astounding work for the poor. Chill out, my brother. :)