Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Need Some Roomies!

Will and I have decided to rent out two bedrooms and share our home with some roommates, if we can find some!

Our only requirements are they:

1. Can't be a serial killer :)
2. Must like dogs
3. Must be able to pay rent on time

Rent is $350 per month and that includes all utilities. DSL and DirecTV are available in each room. We have two fully furnished living rooms, so there is plenty of space to hang out besides the rental rooms. :)

So if any of you know of anyone who would like to live in Northeast Georgia or would like to find out more info, please send them my way. They can e-mail me at BeauTIAful@aol.com


dOgKILLerBOY said...

Boy-HOWDY...I been looking for an oppurtunity like this for a long time. I work in the Clarkesville area and have for several years. My job is not very typical but satisfying! I love what I do. Anyway if you are interested in me being interested in you , please contact me!!!

Tia Lynn said...

Very funny! Gordon is that you???