Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Reason To Coexist...Part 3

See previous posts for the entire story: Another Reason To Coexist...Part 1 and Another Reason to Coexist Part 2.


Peter said...

You gotta love how Mclaren approaches each point calmly, clearly articulates the motivation for the NAE’s actions, and refutes each accusation with the core message of Jesus. How far we as a church have strayed. The era of christian isolationism, is surely one of our most hypocritical and shameful ones.

Great pics, by the way.

Terry said...

I just noticed that you included me on you friends link. Don't you think you should have added a disclaimer. In the blog world, you and I are rare birds dear: able to rise above what are real philosophical differences and still make a connection based on mutual respect.
As for the issue at hand: Jesus made it clear, if we only love those who love us and only do good to those who do good to us, we are no more His followers than anyone else. I don't see how He could have said it any plainer.

Tia Lynn said...

If you think about it, we have more in common than one may think...neither of us are band-wagoners. You are an African-American Christian that votes republican when 90% of the black christian community votes democrat, and I am a white “evangelical” that disagrees with almost everything the republican party stands for (except being pro-life) when over 90% of white evangelicals vote republican. We don’t bend just because the people in our specific group are “doing it.” Plus, our foundations are pretty much the same. Anyway, there is no need for a disclaimer necessary. I don’t qualify people, I let them be who they are. I wouldn’t have added you, if I didn’t think your blog was worth reading. Keep on with it! :)

tilly hester said...

What a sweet picture!

musicmommy3 said...

OK I've GOT it

You're a Passionate, Bleeding-Heart, semi-liberal,coexisting, Jesus Freak.


Tia Lynn said...'ve perfected it!

from Christy Fritz said...

did ya get my email? :)
loved this article by the way...
i also thought of sending you a new vision strategy document that my church just sent out to address the huge growth issues, etc.
it has the words, emerging, missional, and postmodern in i thought you might like to take a peek.:)seriously,it is really cool how some of these ideas are worked out in existing stucture, so to speak.
let me know and i'll send it your way.

Tia Lynn said...

Which e-mail? I got the one about the home-schooling thing. I'll check. Please send anything my way. I love to read all sorts of things. That sounds interesting!

from Christy Fritz said...

i responded to your comment about paul on healthcare and education, but i now see you had quite the lively debate with catrina on the subject...:)good thoughts from both of you. i am learning alot, and seeing where people are philisophically divided. i am choosing a side (sortof-RP kinda allows for alot of liberty on certain issues-:) i think i am mostly drawn in cause so many things make sense to me about his views on fiscal responsibility right now...(we don't have a renter, and we are having to really be careful, as well as address debt aggressively)i think his ideas are worth a try. they are the same one's were implementing with our own budget and it working to not only solve our financial issues, but others that we're just symptoms of the underlying problem. basically balanced books are really foundational IMO. i guess i feel like it's time to kinda get back to basics in that dept.
i did a post and put some clips on my blog about his stance on healthcare. he admits he has an idealistic philosophy so he discusses plans to tide people over without throwing anyone to the streets, by using military spending cuts to give aid to those in transistion, especially the poor and elderly. he's all about economics,which i guess could be boring, but i've been fascinated to learn more.
your not gonna get alot of details out of him, he's a big picture kinda guy and leaves alot to local authority to handle, but the clips are from july, and since i think he's gotten a little more articulate about some specifics. and as far as the whole aid to other countries issue... i think the policies he has offered to increase trade and better relations with other countries by practicing the golden rule in our approach to the nations of the world would do much good in helping the economies of other nations thrive and prosper as well. okay, that was the email...just about...with a few add on's :):) it's too late to be talking about this.
why are you up so late?
i just had a cup of coffee with the debate and now i am wired.:)
i'm turning in though,i'll send you the vision statement in the AM.

Tia Lynn said...

Thanks Christy. Always send my way interesting articles and studies. I love reading new stuff. Thanks for thinking of me!

And I really do like Ron Paul. I think he is very courageous and funny, how we warrants the ire of his fellow republicans. Excellent. I like his stance on the war. I believe he cares about the well-being of the poor. I still like Mike Huckabee, but we’ll see what happens.