Thursday, February 7, 2008

Love Is In The Air!

I'm in love with Anderson Cooper, there I said it!

I used to love Bill O'Reilly, umm, in a more, shall we say, platonic sort of way? :) But sadly, Bill has lost his ever-loving mind with the war on christmas (that gets longer and longer every year) and sensationalizes the "culture war," becoming a polarizing force, instead of a balanced one.

So, lately I've been watching some Anderson Cooper over at CNN, and well, I loveth him. He's smart, articulate, passionate but respectful, and he let's his guests talk (a novel idea!). He consistently puts forth multiple points of view and questions positions and issues without belittling or demonizing people. Oh, and he's not just a talking head that sits behind a desk and reads from a prompter. He's brave. He's been all over the world, voluntarily going into war zones and unstable regions to shed light on pressing current events.

And seriously, look at those eyes! :)

So, he might be going into my top five. (Friends fans, you know what that means, wink).

Anyway, that's my plug for A-Coop. He's breath of fresh air among the increasingly sensational, slanted, and cowardly mainstream media.


In The Know said...

Congratulations for moving away from the dark side (BOR) and recognizing the magnificence that is Anderson Cooper. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say about him.

thekingpin68 said...

I'm in love with Anderson Cooper, there I said it!

I am definitely not, but I think your blog is interesting.


satire and theology

Tia Lynn said...

Hehe. Russ. I guess it would be problematic on a number of levels if you were, infact, "in love" with Anderson Cooper. :)

Jennifer K said...

I adore Anderson Cooper. He is wonderfully curious about what is going on in the world and gets the story behind the story. To me, those are signs of a true journalist. Too many on-air "talents" just want to be famous, and good journalism is a far second.

The Coop also has a wonderfully snarky sense of humor and seems very down-to-earth in interviews. Plus, on a shallow note, he's pretty easy on the eyes. If I fell into a parallel universe and decided to have kids, I wouldn't mind having them with Anderson. Our children would have the bluest eyes ever!

Anonymous said...

My mom is in love with Anderson Cooper. Alas, no cable here so no means of falling in love with the dreamy blue eyes.