Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Favorite Song Done Gospel Style

"Faith in Christ has not given me all the answers, it's given me a whole new set of questions"--Bono

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2 is possibly my favorite song of all time. I came across this video of U2 teaming up with The Harlem Gospel choir to transform this rock song into a gospel song. I love gospel choirs: put that together with my favorite band and you've got musical GOLD! :) Just another moment when a U2 concert feels more like a worship service.

The background and rehearsal.

The final product.


marcus said...

I was up clapping and dancing on this one! Thanks! I had a good time and embarrassed my wife, double blessing. :)

Neal Locke said...

Wow, I feel ancient now: the first clip here is from U2's film "Rattle and Hum" which came out in US movie theaters when I was in Junior High. It was kind of a strange but original idea at the time for a rock band to release a documentary/concert film in the local theaters (and now, three decades later, they're doing it again in 3D). I remember people dancing in the aisles to "With Or Without You" (also in the film).

But all of this was before there was really any such thing as a "Christian Music Industry" and this song in particular met with a lot of skepticism in the church (i.e. "what's a church choir doing singing with rock stars?). U2 even had a hard time with it as well, and a lot of their "spiritual" advisors told them at the time that they couldn't be Christians and in a rock band at the same time. I'm glad they ignored that advice...

Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

Tia Lynn said...

Ha! No problem. Ahh...a time before CCM, must have been beautiful. :)
This song in particular always gets a lot trouble from people who refuse to read the lyrics. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard stuff like, “well maybe if they’d look to Jesus, they’d find what they are looking for,” completely oblivious to the fact that it IS because of their faith in Jesus that they still haven’t found what they’re looking for, the kingdom come....I’m still looking too. :)

Christy Fritz said...

i remember watching this with my friend in jr high too. :)
those were the days...although i had to smuggle joshua tree into my house and listen to it really low after my parents went to sleep LOL!

Inheritor of Heaven said...

I LOVE these videos. I am old enough to have seen U2 in a club just as their second album came out.
These videos do in fact bring me to worship and I have yet to tire of watching them. Thanks for sharing them!